First edition
18.60 x 25.10 cm
148 pages
73 images
Soft cover
Editorial direction : Caroline de greef
Design : EYD
Janvier 2023
ISBN 978-2-490740-07-9

Thomas Gauthier

With a limited depth of field and an offbeat perspective, Thomas Gauthier focuses on the slow corruption of places and renders a puzzle of the world to be rebuilt with a poetry left to everyone's gaze. He compresses spatial dynamics and brings to the fore his obsessions with walls, tarpaulins, panels and trees, seemingly insignificant elements that obstruct the view, but which reveal the deep shadows and pure forms of the city.
By summoning a pre-existing reality and putting it back into play with each image, Journées evokes vague memories, dreams, like these human silhouettes, these urban specters exposed to their vulnerability, which bring us back to our own daily temporality.

"Journée is a stroll. It is a visual poetry, a photographic story with an autobiographical character that offers a free interpretation of reality. The series is set on my daily journeys. The ones we walk through every day to go to work or to go shopping. Those times when we are glued to our phones or lost in our thoughts. In a society where nobody takes the time to look at the familiar space that surrounds them, I show here that the ordinary, the mundane, the routine can be full of poetry if you take the time to observe."

Nominated for Prix du Livre, Rencontres d'Arles 2023

Edition Spéciale

Print Edition also available with signed C-Type print. 50 special edition comprises a first edition book with one of ten prints housed together in a handmade slipcase.

C-Type print: 14,8 x 21 cm 
Image : 13,8 x 20 cm
Baryta Hahnemühle 315g



Journées is not quite Thomas Gauthier's  first book, a carpenter by trade, he has been making his own books for a long time, as raw and sensitive as his photography is. Equipped with an old camera randomly loaded with color or black and white film, sometimes outdated, it is while walking in the street with his gaze imbued with grace that the corpus Journées by Thomas Gauthier was formed.
Thomas Gauthier's photographs question the possibilities of a poetic expression in a world producing its own ruins.

Exhibitions & awards
- Journées, Galerie Prisme (Paris)
- Photo Is:rael (Israel)
- Entre deux, Galerie Prisme (Paris)
- Festival Les Boutographies (France)
- Urbanautica Institute Awards (Winner)
- CNAP Soutien à la photographie documentaire contemporaine
- Meitar for exellence in photography (Shortlist)
- Athens Photo Festival (Shortlist)

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_ Book signing at PARIS PHOTO during Ilanit Illouz’s exhibition 11/10/23 17pm

_ Release ietta #1 Soda Salicornia by Ilanit Illouz at galerie HASY 30/09/23

_ Rolling Paper #5 au BAL du 29/09/23 au 01/10/23

_ Shortlist JOURNEES by Thomas Gauthier Les Rencontres d'Arles 2023